2015 and 2016 Thames Source to Sea

Paddle Board Adventure

Paddle boarding 206 miles, 45 locks to the sea…

In July 2015 Mel and Michelle paddle boarded the length of the River Thames from source to sea.
  • One of us who had paddled only 4 hours previously. The other who had paddled a few times a year 
  • One river.  206 miles (333km) long
  • 45 locks. Tidal for 99km
  • Paddle boarded for eleven days straight, from the source finishing on Southend Pier
  • Slept on the bank of the Thames on route
  • £1 = 1 tree. Raised £820 for Tree Aid, which supports villagers in Africa's dry-lands to unlock the potential of trees sustainably
  • Became citizen scientists and tested the water quality of our Thames
Our supporters. Project OriginActive360Thames21, Gravesend Sea Cadets, Kayaker Harry Whelan and YOU!

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