Risk Assessment and Passage Plan

River Thames Paddle Board Risk Assessment

River Thames Paddle Board Risk Assessment

An essential part of our paddle board adventure… writing a Risk Assessment and Passage Plan.

In order to paddle board from source to sea, we first needed to seek permission from the Port of London Authority (PLA), to paddle board between Putney Bridge and the sea.

We spent approximately 50 hours over 2 months writing a detailed Risk Assessment, Passage Plan and working closely with the PLA to ensure all possible risks and eventualities were planned for, to ensure our own safety and the safety of others on the River.

We have been contacted by many paddle boarders since our adventure, seeking advice in planning a similar trip.  Paddle boarding through Central London to the sea shouldn’t be taken lightly, however it is possible with the right level of experience, safety support, planning and permission.

What was difficult in this process, was not having a template or example documentation specifically for paddle boarders to follow.  If you are considering this journey, there will be elements of your trip that will be different from our own, however we want to support your adventure by sharing our Risk Assessment and Passage Plan with you.  We are proud of what we achieved with the PLA and are passionate about the River Thames being available for recreational use, especially fellow paddle boarders.

Paddle Board Passage Plan

River Thames Paddle Board Passage Plan

We only ask one thing of you in return… 

If you decide to embark on your own source to sea adventure and use our Risk Assessment and Passage Plan as a template or guide, we ask that you make a charitable donation to either Tree Aid or DEC (for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake).  We would like our adventure to help you achieve your own, but also help to continue raising money for two charities that we feel very passionate about.

We’d love to support your River Thames source to sea journey.  If you have any questions about our adventure, send us a message on our contacts page.

Good luck!