What is Citizen Science?

It allows people like us / you, to get involved in contributing to the world we live in, through science.  The best part is we don’t need to be scientists!  We just need to offer some of our time and effort toward scientific research in collaboration with professional scientists and charities. 

How are we incorporating citizen science into our journey?
The charity Thames21 is the voice for London’s waterways, working with communities to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife.
One of their many projects is the Thames River Watch which involves working with 'Citizen Scientists’ to monitor water quality, invasive non-native species and litter along the Thames, to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing our river.  
We joined up with Thames21 to become citizen science volunteers, where we were trained how to test water quality.  On our paddle boards we carried a small water testing kit and took water samples from the middle of the river.  And all it took was 10 minutes a day!

How you can get involved?
If you would like to find out more information about Thames River Watch, how to get involved, details of any upcoming Thames21 events or training sessions, please contact them at www.thames21.org.uk
To learn more about other amazing citizen science projects and becoming a citizen scientist yourself, check out writer, speaker and scientist James Borrell who was our inspiration!